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Lyftogt Perineural injection treatment (Neural prolotherapy)

Lyftogt Perineural injection treatment (Neural prolotherapy)

Del 17 al 19 de octubre de 2019. Málaga

After conducting a one-day Neuroprolotherapy or Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment (PIT) seminar at the 10th AMS Sport Ultrasound Conference (2018), I am pleased to present what will be the first 3-day Introductory and Practical Workshop in Spain on this specific method of treating superficial neuropathic pain during the days 17-18-19 October 2019 in our AMS Medical Centre of Exercise (Malaga). 

With the help of Dr. John Lyftogt (New Zealand) you have the opportunity to start and advance in this technique for the treatment of "neurogenic inflammation", which we know differs from other forms of inflammation, which does not respond to anti-inflammatory drugs or injections of corticosteroids in the medium-long term and with the known drawbacks of the side effects of these drugs.

To be able to start using this practice, it is necessary to perform a precise neuroanatomical medical diagnosis and, second, to combine this diagnosis with training in specialized clinical skills. This will allow you to get closer to most chronic painful conditions with understanding and competence.

Nowadays this technique begins to represent another tool of our strategy in the search for solutions to many problems of musculoskeletal pain that are still to be solved. 

As we know, there is no single and infallible technique, but this already represents another valid option (in specific indications) and free of some side effects.

We are talking about a treatment that in some cases is effective, novel and evolutive for non-malignant persistent pain, based on solid neuroscientific principles (numerous publications).

I can assure you that it will not leave you indifferent and that you will surely be able to start your application progressively and concisely as an alternative or another tool for the solution of some problems.

As specialists (sports medicine, traumatology, rehabilitation, anesthetists, neurologists, etc. ...) do not miss the opportunity to introduce yourself in the Superficial Perineural Injection Treatment or PIT.

The city of Malaga is also an incentive to move and connect with other specialists interested in improving their clinical skills.

Do not hesitate, do not miss this opportunity and we are waiting for you!


Guillermo Álvarez Rey
Medical Director of AMS Exercise Medical Centre

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